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Don't Buy Me That 'Feminist' tshirt You Saw


As someone who is openly feminist, I know many people think of me when they see ‘feminist’ merchandise. Whether it’s tshirts, posters, stickers, or bags, I often get a “Oh this made me think of you!”. And I’m not criticising that, I mean I’m glad they’re thinking of me and I don’t dislike the association, but I just want them to be aware of what kind of merchandise they are looking at. The real issue, for me, starts when people buy things because they seem feminist, when in reality they are not.  Now I don’t want to seem ungrateful to anyone who’s ever bought me something with a real good intention, I appreciate it greatly and I know it came from the purest of places. I just have an issue when people buy a tshirt that for example says “feminist” on it, but that comes from a store which isn’t actually feminist. Feminism isn’t just a label we brand ourselves with to seem woke and cool, we believe in the fight for equality…

Rant on Vegans (Part 1)

The time has finally come to rant about my fellow vegans. I’ve been a vegan for two and a half years, and I have heard a lot of nonsense coming from others’ mouths. I, of course, love veganism and what it stands for, and am the first to defend it when I believe the movement and its members are wrongfully being criticised. However, I don’t blindly defend it in all circumstances as I know many cross the line and I don’t agree with all their views and opinions. 

This is only the first part of my rant, otherwise the post would’ve been too long, but I’ll leave the link to the second part at the end of this post. Enjoy!
First things first. For those of you who don’t know, there are three main reasons why people go vegan: for the animals (ethical vegans), for the planet (environmental vegans), and/or for their health (health vegans). It’s not because we are all vegan that we necessarily get along and that there isn’t endless criticism and conflict between one another. 

I’m mainly focusing on po…

Rant on Vegans (Part 2)

Hello again, 

Here’s part 2 of my rant on vegans. If you haven’t read Part 1, you can find it HERE. If you’ve read it already and you’ll all caught up, then let’s get straight to it. 1.Vegan activists A lot of people who become vegan for the animals and the planet often end up doing some sort of activism, whether it’s by saving animals from being slaughtered, protesting in the streets, placing stickers on meat packaging, or signing and sharing petitions. Some others, however, share the same beliefs but don’t necessarily feel the need to actively fight for animal rights. Not every single vegan wants to advocate for animals, and they might have other causes they find equally or more important for which they already speak out for. 

When I went to VeggieWorld Paris (a vegan festival), as I was queuing to enter, a man was giving out pamphlets and encouraging us to attend events and be active in our fight for animal liberation. He then went on to explain that as vegans, our duty is to be activ…

My Social Anxiety at University


During my first two years at university, my anxiety got worse than ever before. I’ve had social anxiety a majority of my life, although I wasn’t always aware of it, but it had never truly prevented me from living normally. Four years ago, before going to university, I went to live in Italy for a semester to improve my language skills. I started to notice I was overly shy and uncomfortable in so many social situations, but I think I just blamed it on the fact that I wasn’t Italian and that I couldn’t speak the language very well. I struggled eating in public and cooking in front of others, but again I never considered it could be anything other than shyness, simply because no one had ever talked to me about anxiety, and honestly I wasn’t even sure what the word meant. So since I didn’t have anything or anyone I could relate to, I figured it was all just part of my personality and that I’d be that way forever. 

When I mov…

Coming Out to my Family

After coming out to my friends, I didn’t know how long it would take for me to tell my family. I really wanted to get it off my chest, but I had no idea what kind of reactions to expect from my parents. I didn’t know who to tell first, or how to tell them.
The first family member I ended up telling was my cousin, which seemed normal and natural to me as I consider her one of my closest friends. As anticipated, she was more than okay with it and we then had a nice conversation about it.  Attending the Pride for the first time in Rome last June was a real game changer for me. It helped me feel included, accepted and overall proud of who I am, which are feelings I’d been missing. That evening, I posted a picture on Instagram of a friend and I kissing each other, explicitly showing that I like girls. It was a way for me to come out without necessarily saying anything and, thankfully, everyone reacted very positively. When we came back from our trip, my friend decided it was time for her to…

We Grew up in a Heteronormative Society

We grew up in a heteronormative society, and despite obvious progress, we still live in one. A heteronormative society is a society which promotes heterosexuality as the norm and/or the preferred sexual orientation. I often read comments about how it isn’t the case anymore, considering how much we talk about anything queer-related nowadays and how better informed we are. I mean, yes, we do talk about it way more and it’s slowly becoming more and more accepted, but it’s still not considered the ‘norm’. Here’s a very simple example: we still need to come out. If being gay, or bi, or anything in the LGBTQ+ community was considered normal, then we wouldn’t generally assume that every baby is straight and cisgender until proven otherwise. Growing up, I never really talked about anything gay (and even less about gender). I mean, the subject would occasionally come up in conversation with my mother and siblings because she has a gay friend, but it would always be followed by giggles as I fou…